With Carro you can order free samples and promote our products on Instagram.

This is how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the dots on the middle right side and follow the button:
  3. Click "Start shopping":
  4. Put desired item(s) in the cart:
  5. once the item(s) are in the cart, Carro will tell you what to do:
  6. do NOT check out as a regular customer, but click the Carro dots on the middle right side and follow the required steps:
  7. You will have to connect your Instagram account in order to verify you have at least 5'000 REAL followers and that your activity is genuine. Also make sure you explain how exactly you will promote our products, brand(s) and website.
  8. Wait. We have 9 days to accept or deny your request.
  9. Once approved, we will ship you the item(s) free of charge.
  10. Remember to do what you promised. This is a commercial contract. If you won't deliver content, we can ask you to pay the full item(s) price and shipping costs.


If you have any questions left, please send an email to